Use Customised Emails to add a personal touch to the automated emails that Inn Style send – including final payment info, directions, or instructions for checking in and out.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Go to Account > Customised Emails.
  2. Click New Customised Email.
  3. Select the relevant email from the options underneath Context.
  4. Choose the subject line.
  5. Fill out the body of the email.
  6. Once you’re happy with the content, tick email is active.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Send yourself a test!

Top Tip: Use the Magic Tags on the right hand side of the email screen to dynamically pull data from the related reservation.

How do I check that the email looks ok?

At the bottom of the main Customised Emails page, you can send yourself a test. Just enter an email address and pick the email you want to check.

If all looks good, set the email active.

What does each email template do?

Reservation Confirmed

Sent when a person books online, when you accept a pending reservation (if you don’t take instantly confirmed bookings), or when you click Send Confirmation from within a reservation.

Reservation Statement

Sent when you click the Email Statement button from within a reservation.

Final Payment Request

Sent when you click Send Payment Request (by going to Insights > Outstanding), or automatically sent if it's set up within Account > Notifications. This email generates a secure link that guests will follow to settle their balance.

Reservation Payment Request Confirmation

This email is sent when a guest makes payment through the link (whether it's sent automatically from Outstanding, or manually generated from the reservation). It's a good idea to confirm that payment has been received and thank your guest in this email.

Reservation Reminder

A polite reminder of a guest's forthcoming stay, which can be automatically sent X number of days before check in. A great place to include checkin info, key codes, and a personal message.

Post Stay

Sent X number of days after checkout. A great place to thank guests, offer them a discount code on future bookings, ask for reviews, or link to your TripAdvisor page.

Reservation Cancelled

An email sent when you click Email Confirmation from within a cancelled reservation. A great place to apologise that the guest can’t stay this time, and let them know you hope to see them soon. You can also include your cancellation terms here.

The following are only relevant to accounts that do not have instantly confirmed online bookings.

Reservation Pending

What guests receive when they submit their booking request. A great place to let them know how long it'll be until you get back to them.

Reservation Declined

What guests receive if you decline their reservation and send them an automated email (rather than getting in contact with them yourself). A great place to apologise that you weren’t able to accept them this time, but possibly offer them a discount code on a future booking request.

Top Tip: You can choose which emails you send and when by going to Account > Notifications.

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