If you'd like to vet bookings before you accept them, you can turn off instant confirmed bookings. Instead, you'll receive a booking request which you'll need to accept in order for it to be confirmed. 

To set this up, you simply have to untick a box:

  • Go to Account at the top of the page, then choose Guest Experience from the left hand side.
  • Un-tick the box next to Bookings made online are confirmed instantly.
  • Click the green Save changes button.

What happens now?

You’ll receive booking requests which you need to confirm or decline. These will appear at the top of your Dashboard. Once you've responded, you can decide whether you’d like Inn Style to send an automated email to the guest informing them of your decision. If you'd like to send your own personalised message instead, simply untick the box and click the email button under the guests’ name.

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