Where to begin?

You can add more bookable units to your account from within the  Accommodation tab. (A bookable unit is anything that a guest can book: e.g. a room, tipi, holiday cottage, apartment, yurt, or caravan).

  • Click Accommodation at the top of the page.
  • Click the green Create New Accommodation button.
  • Click the drop down under Basics to select the type of bookable you're looking for. 
  • Give your accommodation a name e.g. Room One, The Old Mill, or Camping Pitch.
  • If you have multiple units of the same type, just enter a number to tell us how many.
  • Then add a short and a long description.
  • Specify the total number of adults that the unit can hold e.g. a two bedroom cottage might allow up to five people.
  • Next, let us know how many adults, children and infants you can accommodate within that number e.g. the two bedroom cottage might accept up to five adults, up to four children and up to one infant.
  • Lastly, select the photo gallery you want to associate with this unit. (Don't worry if you haven't yet created one – this can be done later).
  • Click Create this accommodation.

Here's a completed example:

Repeat this process until you’ve created all your bookable units.

Once you’ve added your accommodation, head to the Prices tab to set up your rates and rules.

Top tip: If your property is dog-friendly, you’ll need to specify your pet policy in Account > Policies before you can add the number of dogs you allow. Once you've created the pet policy, an extra field will appear next to Adults / Children / Infants. 

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