You’ve mastered the Price Updater, but you just want to check that everything looks a-ok. You can use the Grid, the Checker, or Guest View to do this.

The Grid

Go to Prices > Grid. Enter the date range you’d like to check, the price or rule, and click Show on Grid. Double check everything once the Grid reloads.

The Checker

Go to Prices > Checker and enter the information you’d like to test. Click Check Price

Guest View

Click Property in the menu bar and then Guest View.

This will show you a calendar or search enquiry (depending on what you've specified in Guest Experience).

You can use this page to check your prices, or even complete a full booking. 

Remember: Any bookings you make are real and will need to be deleted if they are simply for test purposes. 

These three methods should confirm that your prices and rules are correct – but if you need a hand, just click the speech bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen or give us a call. We know it's tricky to get your prices right, so we're always around if you need us!

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