Create a hidden rate type that's only visible when guests enter a code.

Deal and discounts are great for driving business – especially if that discount feels somewhat exclusive. 

Our handy Discount Codes enable you to create discounts that aren't applied all the time; instead they only become available when guests enter a code. This code moves the booking process into ‘secret mode’ allowing guests to view and book their stays with discounted prices.

It's a slick, simple process – plus guests feel like they're getting a real bargain! Plus you can distribute the code to anyone you fancy – whether that's loyal guests, people visiting in the low season, or as a goodwill gesture for someone who made a complaint.

Here's how it will work for guests:

Great, so how do I create one?

  • Go to Prices > Rate Types.
  • Click New Rate Type.
  • Give your rate type a name, e.g. Summer Discount.
  • Choose a price basis for your Rate Type. (This will likely be the same as the Rate Types you already have set up).
  • If you want to use the prices from another rate, tick Inherits prices from another Rate Type? and select the correct option from the drop down list.
  • If you’d like to modify the prices, tick Modify all prices by a given amount or percentage? and specify the amount or percentage.
  • Tick Invisible to guests booking online, but can be unlocked with a code?
  • Enter the code that guests will need to use to unlock the new prices/availability e.g. Summer15
  • If you want this code to expire, enter a date.
  • If you want to limit the amount of codes available, enter a number (if infinite, leave blank).
  • Specify a date range (if necessary).
  • Click Save Rate Type and Start Loading Prices.

Let’s see that in action:

Important: If you've inherited prices from another Rate Type, there's nothing more that you need to do. However, if you’re planning on manually adding different prices, you’ll now need to add them via the Price Updater.

Remember: Inheriting Rate Types will not show in the Price Update or the Grid. They simply work quietly in the background. Any changes made to the 'parent' Rate Type will also update all Rate Types that inherit prices from it. Any modifiers you add to the Rate Type, e.g. ‘Decrease all prices by 10%’ are then applied when a price is calculated for a guest. 

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