Sometimes you’ll need to cancel a booking or an entire reservation. Maybe the guest can no longer come, or you've had to shut for maintenance. 

Either way, you’ll need to open up the reservation from the Dashboard and click Cancel Booking or Cancel Reservation. 

What's the difference between a booking and a reservation?

One reservation can have several bookings within it. So, for example, you might have one reservation for Mrs Smith with three bookings in it. If you cancel one booking, the rest will still be valid. But, if Mrs Smith has to cancel all dates and rooms, you can simply cancel the entire reservation. 

Once cancelled, you'll see there's the option to delete the reservation. However, we recommend keeping the cancelled record – just in case!

You can also send the guest an email to confirm the cancellation. Just hit the Send Confirmation button.

Let’s see that in action:

After cancelling, the cost of the booking will immediately be zeroed out. This means that any deposits or part-payments will become over payments. Depending on what you’ve agreed with the guest, you may want to partially/fully refund payments and/or add a cancellation fee to the bill. If the guest still owes you money, you can take this opportunity to send them a payment request or simply charge them for the cancellation fee using the stored card details.

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