Give guests a full or partial refund 

Actioning refunds depends entirely on how the guest has paid. If you’re connected to one of our payment gateways – Stripe, Inn Charge, PayPal – you’ll need to use that specific gateway to process the refund.

With Stripe or Inn Charge:

  • Open the relevant reservation.
  • Scroll down the to Payments section.
  • Locate the payment you wish to refund all or part of.
  •  Click the Refund button on the right hand side of the payment.
  • A box will pop up. At this point, you can choose between a full and partial refund. You can also add a note for the guest.
  • Click Refund.

With PayPal:

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Find the payment in your Pending or Completed Payments.
  • Open the payment. You’ll see a transaction details page where you you can click Issue a Refund.
  • Specify the amount, and add an invoice number or note for the guest if necessary.
  • Click Continue.
  • Double check the details on the page and click Issue Refund. 

Remember: Refunding on PayPal won’t automatically update the payment details within the reservation in Inn Style. Please note you will need to open the reservation and record the refund or amend the booking cost.

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