Create one-click closures which display as bookings to guests

You might be redecorating, hosting a wedding or away on holiday. Whatever the reason, you can add these closures in just a few clicks.

  • Head to the Dashboard and click Closures.
  • Click on the days you want to close.

As you can see, you can also click the closed dates to re-open them. If you’d like to return to the normal Bookings Mode, simply click the red Bookings button.

If you want to close multiple dates on the Dashboard, read this article. 

What if I just want to close a Rate Type?

If your chef is on holiday, you might want to close your Dinner, Bed and Breakfast rate but leave your Room Only rate open. Here's how to close a specific rate rather than a whole room.

If all a room's rates are closed, the dates will show as black squares to potential guests.

Remember: Rate closures don’t show in the Dashboard. The Dashboard only displays room closures. You’ll need to check rate closures in the Grid or look at Guest View if you’re unsure. 

What if I’m closed but I want guests to call to check availability?

Here's how to add a Please Call to specific dates.

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