Please read this guide thoroughly if you’d like to connect Inn Style to Airbnb.

First things first

It’s important to remember this is still only an iCal connection, not a full two-way integration like we have with and Expedia.

How does it work?

Inn Style will only send your live availability to Airbnb. We are not able to send them your pricing, or any other information.  

Every 30 minutes, via the two-way iCal, Inn Style will fetch information from AirBnb and receive new reservations in a provisional state (with limited booking information). We will only receive the following: lead booker name, the phone number, a masked Airbnb email address, and the check in/check out date. We do not receive payment details or the prices from Airbnb, so we will just populate the price based on what is loaded in Inn Style for your default Rate Type. 

In order for the Airbnb reservation to show in your Diary, underneath Arriving Today, and as a statistic within your reports, you will need to put the reservation into a confirmed state.

How do I get set up?

In order to get the two-way iCal connection, you will need to add your outgoing iCal feed into Airbnb first.

  1. Log into Inn Style
  2. Go to the Distribution tab
  3. Select Outgoing iCal Feeds (you will have one link per bookable)
  4. Log into Airbnb
  5. Go to the Host section and choose the property you want to manage
  6. Select Availability Settings
  7. Scroll down to Sync Calendar
  8. Select Import Calendar
  9. Paste the calendar address from Inn Style into the space provided 
  10. Name the calendar for your reference

We then need to add your links from Airbnb into Inn Style. Please notify us that you will be using the two-way iCal connection, so that we can setup your Inn Style account to accept incoming iCal links.

  1. Head to Airbnb’s Homepage
  2. Click Calendar in the top menu
  3. Select Listing on the left side of page
  4. Click Availability Settings 
  5. Scroll down to the Sync Calendars heading
  6. Click Export Calendar
  7. A box containing the iCal link will pop up 
  8. You can then copy and paste this into Inn Style (you’ll need to go to the Distribution tab > Incoming iCal Feeds)

Done! Now whenever you add a booking or a closure to Inn Style, your Airbnb listing will be automatically updated to match (every 30 minutes). Similarly, whenever you take a booking through Airbnb, we will pull this through to your Inn Style Dashboard.

Important: Please send us a report of your reservations on connection, in order to ensure that all bookings are correctly picked up via the iCal. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 

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