In order for Expedia and Inn Style to properly communicate with each other, we need to do something called mapping.

This essentially means that we connect your accommodation on Inn Style to the rooms you've loaded on Expedia.

This is managed under the Distribution tab. Just click Two Way Connections > Manage Connections > Expedia.

The above example illustrates which rooms on Inn Style are matched to which rooms on both and Expedia. As you can see, Good = Standard Double Room, Best = Superior Double Room, and Best Marsh View = Luxury Double Room. The Bed & Breakfast Rate on Inn Style is mapped to the Standard Rate on Expedia.

That means when a booking is made on Expedia for a Standard Double Room, it will show up in the Good Room on your Inn Style Dashboard.

When you send prices from Inn Style to Expedia for rooms on the Bed & Breakfast rate, we will add them to the Standard Rate Plan on Expedia. 

Changes to your Mapping

If you reconfigure Room Types or add new Rate Plans on Expedia, just Manage Account > Manage Rate Set Up > Add New Rate Plan. You can then complete the mapping again as above.

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