Once your account is live:

Booking.com automatically ‘pushes’ new bookings to Inn Style. When a guest books through Booking, we receive their reservation in under 30 seconds, and immediately update your availability.

We receive customer details, guest details, guest notes and credit card information.

Customer email address

The only thing we can't capture is the customer’s email address. This is because Booking.com will not send it across to us. Instead, they'll send you a Booking.com masked email. You can still communicate with the guest – but your messages will just go to the customer's Booking.com inbox rather than their real inbox. When the customer checks in, it’s worth asking them for their email address so you can send them any statements and receipts.

Credit card information

You must be connected to Stripe or Inn Charge to capture credit card information from Booking.com.

During the connection process, please tell Booking.com that you would like to capture CVC codes. (Booking.com don't always like doing this because they believe it's off-putting for guests. If that's the case, we think those guests probably aren't serious about staying in the first place!)

The simple truth is that without a CVC number, we cannot capture card details.

Due to PCI compliance, we don't store the card details that Booking.com sends to us. Instead, we encrypt them into a Stripe token that you can charge at any point. Without a valid CVC number (Booking.com’s CVC check isn’t at all stringent), we can’t charge the card – and therefore there's no use in creating the token.

When we receive the card details, we check to see if the card is valid. If the card is deemed ‘invalid’ we automatically mark this on Booking.com. This prompts the guest to add new card details to their reservation with a 24-hour timeframe. New card details are then pulled into Inn Style, and the booking is updated. When we do receive valid credit card information, you'll see the card is stored within the booking, and you process payment as normal.

Duplicate bookings!

Once in a blue moon, you might see a booking is marked as duplicate. This might happen even if everything is correctly synced.

Most of the time a duplicate booking happens because Inn Style cannot allocate the booking to one bookable for the entire duration of the stay. This happens when you have more than one bookable in Inn Style attached to the same room type in Booking.com. For example, you have six double rooms in Inn Style that are matched to one room type on Booking.com.

Booking.com looks how many units on each day are available, and takes the booking on that basis. When the booking reaches Inn Style, you may have space, but you'll need to move bookings around to accommodate it. 

You will be notified of duplicate bookings in your Notifications, and underneath your calendar on the Dashboard. 

Why does this happen? 

In short, Booking.com doesn’t distinguish between individual rooms. If this represents a problem at your accommodation, make sure you set up each room individually – and that you're matching one-to-one with your rooms on Inn Style.

Unsure how to do this? Just give us a call!

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