We'll immediately update your availability on

  • When a booking is added to your Inn Style Dashboard. That includes direct bookings, ones you enter manually, and those from Expedia/Staylists
  • When you update a booking’s number of nights or its start/end date 
  • When you cancel or reinstate a booking

One exception to this is bookings that have been manually added by our importer. We generally use the importer to get your bookings and availability correct before we confirm the connection. As such, this shouldn't cause concern – it's just noted here for information purposes.


We'll immediately update your availability on

  • When you add, amend or remove a Dashboard closure

Note: Dashboard closures affect availability on both Inn Style and 

If you only want to close availability on , you’ll need to use the Price Updater.

Cancelling Bookings

You cannot cancel bookings on Inn Style. These have to be cancelled by the guest themselves, or by 

The Price Updater

Updating Rates

Go to Prices > Price Updater > New Price Update

Use the Price Updater to change your prices or rules on 

This guide explains how to use the Price Update.

Please note: Although you can push rules to, not all of them will be visible on your Rates & Availability calendar in your extranet. Instead, restrictions will appear with an asterisk ( * ).

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