The Approval Process

Please read this guide thoroughly if you'd like to connect Inn Style to your account. There are four steps to the manual approval process.

  1. You go to your extranet and request Inn Style as your Channel Manager
  2. tells Inn Style that you want to connect your property
  3. We ask you to accept the information in this document, and we then approve the request from 
  4. You set the connection live via your extranet

Please note: We're able to connect you to as part of your free trial, but we ask that you have valid card details in your Inn Style account and commit to subscribing for a minimum of two months once the connection is established. Should you choose to cancel your Inn Style account during that period, you will incur an administration fee of £100.

Let’s make things absolutely clear

The primary purpose of connecting to is to prevent you from manually adding bookings into different calendars. The second purpose is to enable you to edit prices and rules from within Inn Style – so everything is managed from one system.

Please note: Inn Style does not change anything about your contractual obligations with You will still pay them the same fees, and you will still be bound by their T&Cs.

If you can't accept a booking because your availability wasn't up to date, you may still be liable for the commissions charges, and potentially the cost of providing alternative accommodation.

But it’s not all worry, worry, worry. will get you more bookings and more revenue. Yes, you pay a premium – but you pay a premium because these guys spend more money with Google than anybody else to get you bookings.

If in doubt, close it out

If there are specific dates that you can sell for a high price – such as a festival – be very, very careful.

If you're only taking bookings up to a certain date on Inn Style, you must manually add closures for further dates on – otherwise guests can still book.

People are always looking for bargains for these events, so if you accidentally release availability for one night at the normal rate, it’s likely that you’ll sell it fast.

We recommend closing these important days out on Inn Style before performing your initial sync. Once you’re live, you can add higher prices, minimum stays or simply close off availability on if needed. You can then re-open the rooms on Inn Style to enable direct bookings only.

If you’re concerned about selling a lucrative weekend for peanuts, please get in touch and we’ll do some checks. However, please note we can't be held ultimately responsible for any inaccuracies.

Happy to proceed? Then let’s begin!


Matching your Inn Style inventory to

Your bookables (rooms, cottages, tents etc) are separate units on Inn Style. Put simply, if you have seven rooms, you have seven bookables. works on room types. So if you have seven double rooms, you won't see seven separate units – you'll just see one unit. In this case, it would be Double Room – and that will display a ‘rooms to sell’ value (in other words, how many rooms are still available). Rooms to Sell would show seven if you’re empty. It would show zero if you’re full.

During setup, we need to match your bookables in Inn Style to your room types on Sometimes the room descriptions will be listed differently on, so it's important we know exactly which room matches what. We will ask you to confirm this information before we connect you.

If you have multiple units within a category, for example seven separate double rooms, will list all seven double rooms – you won't be able to just send a few of the units from one category. If you only want to send some of the units, please let us know and we will have to map these separately. 

During set up, we also need to match your rates in Inn Style to your rates on The rates have to map 1-1 – so if you have multiple price options, you will need to reflect this on both sides.

Performing an initial sync

We can match bookables before your connection is live. (That's because we’re only retrieving your data). However, the initial sync can’t be done until you activate the connection from within your extranet.

We'll do the first full sync as part of the connection – just let us know the date you want to be available until! After that, it's very easy for you to sync your data across. 

Simply go to Distribution > Manage Two Way Connection > Sync All Prices, and select the new dates you want to send. allow you to accept bookings up to 16 months in advance, so it's always best to upload prices for the next 18-24 months if you can. The more availability you give them, the higher up you'll be in their search list!

When you confirm your connection to, any existing rates on will be removed. From that point on, rates will need to be pushed directly from Inn Style.

You can re-sync your data at any point, although Inn Style automatically updates your availability after bookings and closures are added, amended and deleted.

What does Inn Style actually sync?

In short, Inn Style pulls bookings from into Inn Style, and pushes availability from Inn Style into 

Pulling bookings from into Inn Style

The most important thing to note here is that we can only pull in reservations that are made after the connection is switched on. This means all existing bookings will need to be added to Inn Style first. Please contact us if you need to transfer these bookings across.

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