You may have noticed you can set the following rules in Inn Style:

  1. Min Stay Check In
  2. Min Stay Any
  3. Exact Stay Check In
  4. Exact Stay Any
  5. Max Stay Check In
  6. May Stay Any

Unsure about the difference between Check In and Any? This is the guide for you!

Consider the following example:

If a guest books for Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday or Easter Monday, they must stay for three nights.

At first look, adding a Min Stay Check In of 3 to these dates will do the job. As you can see below, the property has a 2-night Minimum Stay rule in the run up to Easter, and a 3-night Minimum Stay from Good Friday onwards.

But wait. There's a problem.

What about a two night stay which begins on the Thursday?

The 3-night Good Friday rule only applies to guests that check in on Friday. As Good Friday is the second night of this booking, the 3-rule therefore won’t be enforced.

So, what to do?

This is where Min Stay Any comes in. 

Min Stay Any looks at all the dates of the proposed booking and finds the largest minimum stay. If the booking meets this minimum number of nights, then it’s okay to book. If the enquiry is for fewer nights, the computer says no.

In summary:

Min Stay Check In: Only affects a booking on the day of check in. 

Min Stay Any: Affects a booking if any minimum stays exist on any of the dates within the booking.

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