The Please Call rule overrides prices and availability, and displays a phone symbol on the booking calendar.

What does that mean?
If a Please Call is applied to a date, it closes the accommodation and associated Rate Type, so they can't be booked online.

Let's look at an example:
Imagine you have 10 rooms, and two rate types (Room Only and B&B). If you close your B&B Rate in Room 1 on 5/5/19, Room 1 can still be booked on that date using your Room Only Rate Type. Rooms 2-10 can still be booked on both Rate Types. 

Here's what the Please Call Rule will look like to guests. If they're browsing on a mobile, they can click the phone number to call you directly.

Great. How do I set this up?

Just go to Prices > Price Updater > New Price Update to set this up. 

If you want to remove the Please Call Rule simply select Open, and the phone symbols will be removed.

Remember: The Please Call Rule overrides your prices and availability for the specified date range. This means that guests won't be able to see how much the bookable costs, and whether it's available. This also means that your property won't display in search results if you are on any listing websites. Your availability will also not show if you are using Enquiry View on your website.

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