Optional Extras are a great way to up-sell your accommodation. Offering them at checkout encourages guests to add a little something to their booking.

Here's what Optional Extras look like in the booking process:

Great. How do I set one up?

  • Go to Accommodation at the top of the page and select Optional Extras
  • Click Create New Optional Extra
  • Give your extra a name and price (specify if this is a per night charge)
  • Tick the bookables with which the extra can be bought
  • Specify how many guests can buy per booking
  • Click Create this Optional Extra

What if my extras are compulsory?

For cleaning fees, damage deposits, or any other non-optional extra, you'll need to use Bundled Extras. Guests won't be able to continue with their booking until they've agreed to this extra charge.

  • Go to Accommodation, then Bundled Extras¬†
  • Click Create New Bundled Extra
  • Add a name and description¬†
  • Specify how many guests must order per booking
  • Tick the relevant accommodations
  • Click Add an Option
  • Enter a name, description and price
  • Click Create this Bundled Extra
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