Sometimes it's necessary to limit a specific Rate Type to a certain number of people.

For example, you might have a Single Occupancy Rate Type which is only available for one person. Or you might offer a package which is only available to couples – so it needs to be limited to two people.

You can specify this information within the Rate Type, by adding Occupancy Rules.

  • Go to Prices at the top of the page, then Rate Types
  • Click on the name of the specific Rate Type
  • On the right hand side, under Occupancy Rules, click Add a Rule
  • Select the Condition, Value and Occupant Type
  • Click Save Rate Type and Start Loading Prices

Let's look at an example in action. The following example is for a Single Occupancy Rate Type, limited to one person. 

Remember: You can mix and match rules for certain purposes. For example, to restrict a Rate Type to groups of 1 adult and 1 child, you would select:

  • Select Exactly, 1, Child
  • Click Add a Rule 
  • Select Exactly, 1, Adult

I’m lost! What’s a Rate Type and how does all this work?

This guide explains a bit more about using Rate Types.

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