It's important to understand how Weekly Prices and 7-Night Rates work. 

If you use a Per Room Per Night Rate Type:

  • 7-Night Rate: This is the nightly cost if guests stay seven nights or more. For example, you might have a nightly rate of £100, and a 7-night rate of £75. If a guest stays for 11 nights, they will pay 11 x the 7-night rate (11 x £75).
  • Weekly Price: The total cost if guests stay for seven days. The Weekly Price option can only be used with Price Per Night Rate Types. If a guest stays longer than a week, Weekly Pricing will take an average nightly cost and add it onto the booking for each additional night. If bookings span date ranges with different prices, the booking total will reflect this.

If you use a Length of Stay Rate Type:

  • 7-Night Rate: This is the total cost for a seven night stay, e.g. £650. If a guest tries to book for 6 nights and you do not have a 6-night rate loaded, they won't be able to book. A guest can book for seven nights, and the system will charge £650.

Great. How do I set this up?

First go to Prices > Rate Types to double check or set up your Rate Type.

Then go to the Price Update to load your prices! This guide explains how to load your prices, and this one explains how the Reuse Button can save you time. 

Remember! Weekly Pricing can only be used with Per Room Per Night pricing. 

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