If you have a Low, Mid and High Season, you can save time by grouping the date ranges together before you add your prices. 

For example, you might charge a higher price for half term, summer holidays and Christmas. You might charger another slightly lower rate for the remaining weeks in summer. Your lowest prices might be for the remaining periods in winter. 

Great! How do I set them up?

  • Go to the Prices tab, then select Seasons from the menu
  • Click Create a Season
  • Give your season a name
  • Choose your first date range using the date pickers
  • Choose the days of the week that apply
  • Click Add a Date Range and repeat this process until you’ve included all of the relevant dates in this season
  • Click Save Season

Ok, so how do I use those to update my prices?

  • Just go to Prices > Price Update
  • Add the prices and rules as normal, specifying the rooms and rate
  • Click Use one of your seasons?
  • Select a season from the drop down list

You can set up different seasons for each bookable, or use the same seasons for all your accommodation types.

You can also delete or edit your seasons at any time. Don't worry – this won’t affect anything to do with your prices! They are just parameters. 

Top tip: If your prices change week-to-week or day-to-day but have no clear rules or seasons, it’s still best to use the Price Updater to enter each date range. Try using the Reuse Button to save time.

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