Single Occupancy: The price per night if a single guest stays. 

Single Occupancy Discount: The price per night that is deducted from the Nightly Rate if a single guest stays.

How do I set this up?

  • Go to Prices > Price Update > New Price Update
  • Select Single Occupancy from the dropdown on the right hand side
  • Enter the price e.g. £70
  • Specify the rooms, rate type, and date range
  • Click Set Prices 

Let’s see that in action:

Top tip: If your Nightly Prices vary but your Single Occupancy is always £x less than the normal room cost, use Single Occupancy Discount instead. 

If your Single Occupancy price changes depending on how long the guest stays, you'll have to create a new Rate Type. That's because Single Occupancy prices are fixed (as you will have noticed above). 

Don't worry – it's easy to set this up!

  • Go to Prices > Rate Types > New Rate Type
  • Give your Rate Type a name, such as Single Occupancy 
  • Select Per Room Per Night as your price basis
  • Enter 1 in the Based on X people sharing box
  • On the right hand side, under Occupancy Rules click Add a Rule
  • Enter Exactly, 1, and People
  • Click Save Rate Type and Start Loading Prices

Let’s see that in action:

Now you need to go to the Price Updater to add your prices. Remember to ignore the Single Occupancy price box this time though! 

All you need to do is load the prices as if you were loading a Nightly Rate – but make sure you select the Single Occupancy Rate Type that you've just set up.

The advantage of using a separate Rate Type is that the Single Occupancy price will display separately. This clearly displays the discount to the potential guest.

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