A great way to encourage guests to stay an extra night is to use stepped pricing.

For example, you might normally charge £100 per room per night. But if a guest stays two nights or more, the nightly price decreases to £85. 

There are two ways to set this up in Inn Style.

The First Way (Using the Price Updater)

Let's take a look at that in action:

Remember: If you add a 2-night rate and no 3-night/4-night prices, all stays of two nights or more will be priced at the 2-night rate. If you add a 2-night rate and a 4-night rate, stays of two or three nights will be priced at your 2-night rate, and stays of four or more nights will be charged at your 4-night rate. 

The Second Way (Using a Rate Type)

This is a great way to offer a single discount for guests who stay X number of nights.

  • Go to Prices, then Rate Type and click New Rate Type
  • On the right hand side, tick Inherits Prices from Another Rate Type?
  • Select the Rate Type you’d like to offer a discount on from the drop down list
  • Tick Modify all prices by a given amount or percentage?
  • Select Decrease by
  • Choose if it's a monetary or percentage decrease, and add the amount
  • Under Only modify stays of at least this many nights, enter the length of stay you’d like to discount
  • Click Save Rate Type and Start Loading Prices 

Remember: Inherited Rate Types will not show in the Price Updater or the Grid – they simply work quietly in the background. Any changes made to the 'parent' rate type will update all rate types that inherit from it.

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