Most self catering properties will work on a length of stay basis. 

To set this up, you'll first need to go to Prices > Rate Types > New Rate Type. Give your Rate Type a name (e.g. Self Catering), and make sure the Price Basis is set to Length of Stay. Then go to Price Update to add your Prices.

  • 1-night stay: This is the total price for a 1 night stay. (If a guest wants to stay 3 nights, the system will never multiply this by 3. Inn Style will only sell 3 nights if a 3-night stay price is loaded).
  • 2-night stay: Total price for a 2 night stay.
  • 3-night stay: Total price for a 3 night stay.
  • 4-night stay: Total price for a 4 night stay.
  • 5-night stay: Total price for a 5 night stay.
  • 6-night stay: Total price for a 6 night stay.
  • 7-night stay: Total price for a 7 night stay.

What happens if I want people to stay for longer than seven nights?

You can add an Additional Night price. This is the cost per night for anything above seven nights. So, if a guest stays for 10 nights, Inn Style will add the 7-night stay price to the Additional Night price (which has been multiplied by 3). 

If you load an Additional Night price, Inn Style will always use that price for any stays longer than seven nights. For example, if a guest stays for 14 nights, we will take the 7-night stay and add the Additional Night price (multiplied by 7). We will not multiply the 7-night stay by 2.

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