Adding a booking yourself

If a guest books over the phone and you enter their booking manually, you might want to save their card details – even if you don’t take payment straight away. This means you can charge a deposit at a later date, or process payment for a no-show.

Great. So how do I save their card details?

  • Click their booking on the Dashboard
  • Click the green button in the top right corner. (It will say £x To Pay)
  • Enter their card details
  • Tick the box next to Save the card without processing any payment
  • Click Save Credit or Debit Card

The card details are securely stored and encrypted, and you'll now be able to charge for cancellations, optional extras or damages.

For guests booking online

If you take a deposit, Inn Style will automatically save the card details for you, so you can charge the card again at a later date.

How do I set this up?

  • Go to the Account tab at the top of the page, and select Currency and Payments from the menu on the lefthand side
  • Tick the box next to Always prompt for card details, even if no deposit is taken?
  • Click Save

I can’t see that box – why?

You’ll only be able to tick this box if you’re connected to one of our supported payment gateways.

What if I’ve already got a deposit set up?

Then we will charge guests that amount at time of booking. If you only want to collect card details (without taking a deposit), go to Accommodation > Booking Deposits to remove the one you've got set up.

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