Nightly Pricing is most commonly used in hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses.

For example, you might charge a nightly price of £100. So, when a guest books for three nights, the system will multiply £100 by 3, and the price for three nights will be calculated as £300. 

You can also enter a different nightly rate if a guest stays for four nights or more – for example, £80. In this example, when a guest books for five nights, the system will multiply £80 by 5. The price for five nights will be calculated as £400.

Great. How do I set this up?

Firstly, you’ll need to set up a Rate Type on a Per Room Per Night basis. Go to Prices > Rate Types to do this.

Then go to Price Update > New Price Update.

The below screenshot demonstrates a nightly price of £100 for the B&B Rate Type in February, for direct prices only (i.e. not syncing to

Click Save and you'll see it will appear as the most recent update in the Price Update history. 

Let's imagine I now want to add the 4-night rate of £80 to the same date range. Use the Reuse Button to use the update you've just done as the basis for the new one.

Simply select 4-night rate from the dropdown under What to update? and enter £80. Here's what the screen should look like.

Once you’re happy with the prices and rules you've added, go to the Grid to view your prices and make amendments to sporadic dates such as Christmas and Bank Holidays.


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