It’s quick and easy to changes colours on Inn Style.

Simply go to Account > Presentation and look at the Colour Scheme section on the right hand side.

You can change each colour by clicking on the box and using the colour picker, or entering the Hex Colour Code (if you know it).

Every colour has its own code, beginning with #000000 for black, and ending with #FFFFFF for white. 

You can also change the fonts on this page and, if you’re feeling fancy, change the rounding on the corners using the Border Radius box (0 = very square, and higher numbers = more rounded. We wouldn’t recommend going above 10).

Once you’re happy with your changes, click Save Your Presentation Settings. Then go to Guest View to review your changes!

If your changes don't appear straight away, try clearing your browser cache or hard refreshing the page.

Header & Header Inner

These are used in the header of your booking pages. Your logo will appear in the header too, so make sure you choose a colour that works well as the background for your logo.

Background & Background Inner

This is where you main content sits, so it’s best to choose a light or dark colour depending on your branding. If you choose a dark colour, we’ll automatically make your text light, and vice-versa.


This colour will be used for text headings, so make sure it contrasts with your chosen Background Inner colour.


Used for secondary buttons, or any subtle elements of the layout.


The colour of any text links.


The background colour of any key buttons related to the booking process. Once again, we’ll automatically change the colour of the button text to contrast with your button background colour.

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