There are two booking layouts that you can display on your website: Calendar View and Enquiry View.

What’s the difference?

Calendar View: Guests see a calendar of your availability, and can click on green squares to begin a booking.

Enquiry View: Guests chooses an arrival and departure date, the number of guests and searches for what's available.

Which should I use?

It's up to you! You can switch at any point, so test them both out and see which one you prefer. Self catering properties tend to use Calendar View so their guests can quickly identify where they can fit their booking in.

Hotels or larger properties sometimes don't want to overwhelm guests with a large calendar (or they don't want to give away their complete availability). In this instance, Enquiry View might be preferable – as guests simply enter their requirements and choose from the available options.

How do I switch views?

Just go to Account > Guest Experience > Layouts for Guests to choose your preference. (Leaving both boxes unticked will default to Calendar View).

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