You might have a room which allows 'small, well-behaved dogs'.* So here's how to get guests to pay for their pooch at time of booking.

*We’re sure you’ve also had a few mutts who didn't fit that description.

There are two options:

  • Dog Price (Nightly): A per night charge that will be added for each dog.
  • Dog Price (Stay): The total price for each dog that stays with you, regardless of the length of time that is.

Here's how it would look if you decided to charge £10 per dog, irrespective of the length of stay:

Dog Price

How to set this up

Click the Prices tab, and then go to Price Update.

  • Choose Dog Price (Stay), and add 10.
  • Select the dog-friendly rooms.
  • Select the rate types that apply to that room.
  • Select the date range and days.

Voila! If you've included dogs in the booking occupancy, they'll now be charged £10 per stay.

What if the guest brings two dogs?

The per stay charge is still per dog – so they’ll be charged £20.

Does Dog Price (Nightly) do what I think it does?

Yes it does. It will charge the price that you enter for every night of the stay, and multiply it by the number of dogs included in the booking.

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