You might have two rate types at your property: a Room Only rate and a Bed & Breakfast rate.

You can set these up by going to Prices > Rate Types. 

What if I charge different prices for my High, Mid and Low seasons?

No problem! You only need to create one rate type – and you can then use Seasons or date ranges to set your different prices. 

So if that’s a Rate Type, what’s a Price?

A Price is a combination of three things: a Room, a Date, and a Rate Type.

For example, £75 is the Price for the Maple Room on the first Monday in April when a guest books the Room Only Rate. The Price for the Maple Room on the first Saturday in April on the Room Only Rate might be £80. The Price for the first Saturday in August on the Room Only Rate might be £100.

Don’t worry, a single Rate Type can handle all of this.

So when will I need more than one Rate Type?

  • If you want to offer rates that include different things: e.g. Room Only, Bed & Breakfast, or Dinner, Bed & Breakfast.
  • If one of your bookable units will be using a different Price Basis. For example, you might have a holiday cottage that you let out for 7 nights or more, as well as four ensuite rooms that are let out at £80 per night. You’ll therefore need two Rate Types: a Self Catering Rate and Bed & Breakfast Rate.
  • If one of your bookable units needs a different occupancy rule. For example, the holiday cottage might have a 6-person rate, whereas the ensuite rooms are for two people.
  • If you want to create special offers and discounted rates. (This article explains how.)

What does the Price Basis of a Rate Type mean?

The price basis reflects how you will use the Rate Type.

Per Room Per Night 

  • The most commonly used price basis. It's popular with hotels and B&Bs, and sets a price based on per room per night. 

Remember: If you want to sync your prices  to Expedia or you must use a Per Room Per night basis, as this is what and Expedia accept.

Per Person Per Night 

  • This is mostly used by campsites. It allows the prices to be calculated by the number of guests.

Length of Stay

  • This is useful for self catering properties or creating a package. It allows you to set a price for the stay as a whole. For example, you could add 7-night stay for £500, and a 4-night stay for £300.
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