Understanding how pricing works means you’ll get the most out of Inn Style. And the good news is that our Price Updater is flexible and easy to use. This brief guide explains how.

Prices are combinations of three elements:

  1. The Bookable (room, cottage, caravan, apartment etc)
  2. The Date
  3. The Rate Type

Consider the following question:

How much will it cost to stay in the Apple Room, on Friday 7th, at your B&B Rate?

Inn Style answers this question by looking for the price that is associated to the B&B Rate Type, the Apple Room, and Friday 7th.

Clicking on a price or rule in the Grid will let you edit. There's no need to click save – as this all happens automatically in the background.

Here you see that the Apple Room on Friday at the B&B Rate is £100.

But you can also click on that £100 and amend it to £110 – and that saves automatically in the background.

This means you can easily increase prices for nights that are selling well, or lower them to try and fill those quieter dates. For more info about using the Grid, check out this guide.

Tip: Accommodation pricing depends on your price basis – something you would have selected when you set up the Rate Type. This will be either Per Room Per Night, Length of Stay, or Per Person Per Night. This guide will walk you through choosing the correct price basis.

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