To set up a customised post-stay email:

  1. Go to Account > Customised Emails.
  2. Click New Customised Email.
  3. Select Post Stay from the drop down list under Context.
  4. Type your subject.
  5. Type your email content. Remember to include the Magic Tag {{review_link}} to link it to your Inn Style account!
  6. Tick Email is active.
  7. Save the email.
  8. Test your email at the bottom of the next page.

Let’s see that in action:

Then head to the Notifications tab to specify when the emails should be sent (i.e. how many days after the guests have checked out).

When a guest clicks the link in the email, they can select their 'happiness' icon and include additional comments. 

Once a guest submits a review, you'll get a notification on your Inn Style Dashboard.

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