If there are 10 members of staff at your property, you might want them to have different levels of access to Inn Style depending on their roles. For example, you might not want the Front of House team to see your private account information, or you might want to allow other members of staff the ability to add new bookings but not mess with existing ones. 

There are four standard options:

Has full access to all areas of your Inn Style account.

Can access most parts of your account, with the exception of payment methods, accommodation descriptions, deposits, restrictions, managing users, and subscription information.

Front Desk
Can add, cancel and amend reservations, search for guests, add notes to bookings, and see notifications.

Can only see availability, add reservations and view/amend/cancel reservations that they themselves have made.

You can edit these standard roles by clicking View Roles from the Manage Your Team table, and clicking in the red circles. This will turn them green and open up access to other parts of the account.

How to add a new user:

  • Login to Inn Style.
  • Click the email address in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Click Users.
  • Click Add New User.
  • Add their email address, name and choose a role from the drop down box. (You have the option to customise these roles).
  • Click Save User.

What happens next?

They user will be sent an email with a link to set up a password and login. Once they’ve done this, you’ll see a tick in the Confirmed? column of the Manage Your Team table.

Editing a User on your account

Click the pencil next to the user on the Manage Your Team to change their level of access. Tick View Roles if you want to edit the standard roles as a whole.

Removing a User from your account

Click the red cross next to the user you want to remove. This will immediately revoke their access to the account.

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