There are two ways to add a reservation to your Dashboard.

Quick Reservation:

  • Click on any day in the calendar.
  • Enter the guest’s details (the surname is the only required field).
  • Choose whether the booking is provisional or confirmed.
  • Edit the booking details (such as Check In and Nights).
  • Click the green Create Reservation button.

At any point you can reopen the reservation to edit its details, add another booking, or change the status from provisional to confirmed.

 Full Reservation:

  • Go to the Dashboard and click the Create a New Reservation button in the top right hand corner of the calendar.
  • Choose the dates and occupancy details.
  • Click Check Availability
  • Tick the units and the rate you’d like to book.
  • Click Start Reservation.
  • Fill out the details of the person making the booking.
  • Edit each booking’s details (i.e. whether it's provisional or confirmed, what Rate Type you’d like to use, and if there are any private notes or guest requests).
  • Click Create Reservation.

What's the difference between a Reservation and a Booking?

Reservations are the umbrellas under which bookings are stored. Reservations contain guest details and bill details. They can have one or more bookings, for the same or different dates.

Bookings must be contained within a reservation. Each booking specifies a check in and check out date, the bookable unit (e.g. room, cottage, apartment) and the cost for the said unit. Bookings may or may not also include answers to booking questions, guest requests, and private notes. 

Top tip: Each booking and reservation has a unique number – handy if you ever need us to take a look at one in particular.

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