Dashboard closures show as booked dates to guests. However, you might want to create a closure which appears as a telephone sign instead. If a guest is browsing your website on their mobile, they can simply click this phone symbol to call your number. (Desktop users will have to dial the number displayed under your calendar).

Great! So how do I add one?

  • Simply go to Prices > Price Update. Click New Price Update.
  • Select Please Call from the dropdown box. (If this doesn't show as an option, go back a screen and click Configuration. Then tick the box next to Please Call and click Save). 
  • Add the bookables and the Rate Types you’d like to close.
  • Add the dates.
  • Click Update Prices and Rules.

How do I remove a please call if I change my mind?

All you have to do is repeat the process, but select Open from the dropdown box (instead of Please Call). 

Why can't I see the Please Call on my Dashboard?

That's because this is a rate closure, not a room closure. The Please Call is only visible in the Grid, not on the Dashboard. You can see this by going to Prices > Grid, selecting the date range, and choosing Please Call from the drop down list (under Show Me). Ticks will appear next to the dates where the Please Call rule has been added.

Remember: The Please Call rule will hide your prices and availability. That means that guests cannot see how much your rooms cost on the dates that you have added the closure to. If you use Enquiry View rather than Calendar View, the Please Call will only show on the first list of bookables. If a guest searches for a date with a Please Call, no availability will be returned. This is also true if your Inn Style calendar is displayed on any Staylists websites, such as www.keswick.org, www.padstowlive.com or www.mailbreaks.co.uk. Your property will not appear in the search result for the dates that the closure is applied to.

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