Got a room with beds that can joined or split depending on guest requirements? How can you find that out before they arrive, and avoid an embarrassing check in?

Using Booking Questions

Booking Questions are displayed to guests at the time of booking. You can associate Booking Question with individual rooms, so the question is only posed if somebody books a particular one. Booking Questions also allow you to pre-fill possible answers.

Let’s dive in and create an example. Just go to Accommodation > Booking Questions to get started.

Once you've typed the question, decide whether to leave the answer free-form or pre-supply possible selections.

So what happens when the guest books?

When the guest decides to book that room, we ask them the question. As you can see from the below example, there are two bed configurations to choose from in the dropdown box.

You’ll see any answers to the Booking Questions within a guest's reservation when it comes through to your Dashboard.

You can also see the answers by heading to the Diary tab and clicking Notes & Details.

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