Updating lots of prices, rules or date ranges? The reuse button will save you time, by using previous updates as the basis for new ones.

Let’s imagine you have different prices for High Season and Low Season.

First you load prices for your High Season. You go to Prices > Price Updater > New Price Update. Then you specify the date range, rooms, rate type, price, and click Save.

Next you want to add prices for your Low Season. But you don’t want to add your rooms and rate type again. That’s a waste of time (and a lot of clicking).

That’s where the reuse button comes in.

If you go to Prices > Price Updater, you’ll notice there’s a green circular arrow on the right hand side of every price or rule update that you’ve previously loaded. 

Clicking this arrow opens a new Price Update window that retains all the information of the previous update you've performed.

(Don't worry – it won't undo or change anything you've already done. It simply opens a new window so you can make the changes you need to).

What does that mean?

This means that you can make a couple of tweaks (such as changing the date range and amending the price) – and away you go! No need for lots of clicking. 


Here's the button you're looking for.

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