Sometimes you might need to close off multiple days and multiple rooms at your accommodation. For example, you might want to close all your rooms over Christmas, or perhaps your campsite opens in the summer, but closes during the winter.

Now you can select multiple rooms and large date ranges, and close them all off in one go! You can still close off days one-by-one if you want to – just check out this guide to see how.

To add a Bulk Closure, just click the red Closures button. You'll find this button above the Calendar on your Dashboard, next to the months of the year. Then hit Manage Bulk Closures. The pop-out box will allow you to add the details – so you can choose open or close, add a date range, and specify which room(s) this applies to. 

Depending on how many updates you make, it can take a few minutes for them to show on your Dashboard. We'll send you a notification once the update is complete. Notifications are found within the clock icon in your Nav Bar.

Let's see that in action:

You can also use this feature to remove bulk closures and re-open your rooms. Just follow the same process, but select Open from the drop down instead. A handy log displays all of the updates you’ve made, so you can see who’s actioned what and when.

Once you've added the Closures you need, click the red Bookings button (above the Calendar on your Dashboard, next to the months of the year). This will take you back to the normal Dashboard view.

As with normal Dashboard closures, Bulk Closures will still push through to both and Expedia. They will also update your iCal availability. 

We hope you find this feature useful!

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