Whether you're loading your prices into Inn Style for the first time, or simply want to make a few changes, the Price Update is here to help.

Before you can load your prices you need to setup a Rate Type. This guide explains how to setup a Rate Type with the correct price basis for your accommodation.

Using the Price Update tool

You can find the Price Update under the Prices section of your Inn Style account. Click New Price Update to bring up the tool's display page.

What do all the options mean?

What to update: Click the drop-down to select the price or rule you want to update. 

Top tip: If you can't find the price/rule, go to the Configuration section to the left of the New Price Update button, and update the options.

Amount / Value: Enter an amount for a Price, or a value for a Rule. 

Room: Select the room you want to update. 

Rate Type: Select the Rate Type you want to update.

Days of the week: Select the days of the week to update.

Direct prices, Booking.com, Expedia: Tick the boxes that apply.

Once you've filled out all of the fields, click Set Prices to upload the information.

Here are some examples of the Price Update in action

How to load a nightly rate on two rooms for Fridays and Saturdays:

How to load a minimum stay rule of 3 nights on all rooms for Christmas:

Checking your prices and rules

Once you've loaded your prices and rules, it's a good idea to check them on the Grid. 

Click Prices from the menu and use the search fields on the Grid to choose the date range you want to check. Use the dropdown arrows under Show Me to view the price or rule.

If you want to check the prices/rules loaded on a specific room, you can click the room name on the left side of the Grid. This will display the full list of prices/rules associated with that particular room.

The following example checks the minimum stay rule on all the rooms, and then the full prices and rules associated with the Family Room:


If you load an incorrect price or rule don't panic! Just override it with the correct one.

If you're loading multiple prices or rules, click the Reuse button to save entering the same fields twice.

Click Add All above a field to enter all of your rooms or rate types and once.

Use the Price Checker to calculate the price of a night or stay. This can be useful when using Additional Adult or Base Prices.

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