Uploading Photos

Before you can create a Gallery, you'll need to upload some photos. Get started by going to Account > Galleries > Upload Photos and dragging your files into the box, or searching and selecting the files to upload from your computer. 

The maximum file size of images is 2MB. Files larger than this will not upload.

Creating Galleries

Galleries are groups of images that can be displayed within the booking process. 

To create a Gallery:

  1. Go to Account > Galleries
  2. Click Create New Gallery
  3. Name the Gallery and choose which photos to include
  4. Save the changes, and then click Manage Gallery
  5. Choose which room to associate the gallery with
  6. Head to Guest View to see how it looks
  7. Repeat for as many rooms as necessary

Top tip: Rearrange your photos by dragging and dropping them within the Gallery.

Showcase Galleries 

If you sell on a Staylists site (such as Mail Breaks), your Showcase Gallery is the collection of photos that will be used for your listing. The first image in the Gallery will be your header image. You can make a particular Gallery your Showcase by ticking the box under the Manage Gallery settings. 

Please note that only one Gallery can be your Showcase. Please ignore this setting if you don't sell on Mail Breaks.

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