If you use bookable units, there's a chance that guests might make a reservation that can only be accommodated by them staying in more than one room. 

For example, you might only have availability on the 9th July in Room 1, and the 10th July in Room 2. Therefore it's possible for a guest to stay, but they will need to move between the two rooms. 

When this situated occurs, the booking will come into the system as unallocated. You'll need to decide whether to spilt the booking across multiple rooms, or shuffle other reservations around to fit that booking in one room. 

It's important to allocate the booking as soon as you can. Failure to to do so can result in more bookings coming through for the same dates and rooms. 

You can allocate a booking by shuffling other reservations around, using the Drag and Drop feature on the Dashboard.

If you need to spilt the booking across two rooms:

  1. Open the reservation
  2. Edit the number of nights of the booking so it fits in the first room
  3. Add another booking to the reservation
  4. Edit the second booking so it fits in the other room for the remaining number of nights

If you can't solve an unallocated booking yourself, please contact us for assistance as soon as possible to avoid double bookings.

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