Our Quick Reports provide you with an overview of your Sales and Performance figures in a flash. Reports are split into three types: Operations, Sales and Sources

You can choose your date ranges and display multiple reports at once – allowing you to easily compare your figures across the board.
Just go to the Insights tab and click Quick Reports to get started.


Above is an Operations Report from 1st August – 12th February. The report shows Nights Booked, Occupancy Rate, Booking Value and RevPAR.

What do those figures mean?

Occupancy Rate: The ratio of booked rooms against available rooms. 

Booking Value: The total value of all bookings.

RevPAR: The revenue per available room. This is calculated by multiplying the average daily room rate by the occupancy rate. 


Here are two Sales Reports – one for August 2018 and one for January 2019. A quick glance shows that sales figures were better during the summer. The figures shown are Nights Sold, Days to Booking, Occupants and Average Daily Rate. 

What do those figures mean?

Days to Booking: The average number of days a guest books in advance of arrival. 

Occupants: Calculated by the total occupants staying in the rooms sold divided by rooms sold.

Average Daily Rate: The revenue divided by nights sold in that period. 


The Sources Report simply shows where your bookings have come from, along with how much revenue each source has produced. It is worth noting that these figures are for sales made during that time period, not for bookings staying during that period.

Count: Represents the number of bookings that have come from the source. 

Nights: How many nights have been sold. 

Total Booking Value: How much the bookings from that source are worth. 

Average Daily Rate: The Total Booking Value divided by number of Nights.

Tip: You can remove a report by clicking the red cross in the top right corner of the report. This can be useful when comparing multiple reports.

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