Use the Reservations Report to collect guest data or simply search for reservations. You can filter the search by the reservation state, the dates of the booking, and the date it was made.

Great. How do I create one?

  • Click  Insights, then click Reservations Report
  • Choose your search method, date range and reservation state
  • Click Search 
  • Click Export as CSV if you'd like to further analyse the data
  • The report will be emailed to the contact email associated with your account. You can change this by going to Account > Communication
  • Open the CSV in your favourite spreadsheet app, and get stuck in!

CSV Export
The report will give you all the reservation information, including guest details, rooms, dates, prices, payments, optional extras, and answers to booking questions.

Having trouble?
If you've attempted to export a large report please be patient. It may take a minute or two for the email to come through.

If your account is Offline, the email will not be sent. To set your account online/offline, click Property in the top right hand corner of your screen.

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