A Non-Refundable Rate is a great way to reduce cancellations and guarantee income from bookings. It's commonly offered at a lower price than a Standard Rate.

Here's how to setup a Non-Refundable Rate that's 10% lower than the Standard Rate:

  • Click Prices > Rate Types
  • Click New Rate Type
  • Give the rate a name and description. Set the Price Basis to match that of your Standard Rate. Leave the Default Rate Type field blank
  • Under Additional Options, click Inherit Rate Type
  • Choose your Standard Rate from the dropdown list
  • Click the box next to Non Refundable Rate
  • Click Modify all prices by a given amount or percentage?
  • Choose to Decrease y 10 Percent
  • Click Save Rate Type

Then go to Guest View to see your new rate in action!

In the booking summary you'll see the above message which informs guests of the policy changes when they book a Non-Refundable Rate.

Are you connected to a Staylist?

If you sell on Mail Breaks, Keswick, or any other Staylists, the Non-Refundable Rate will be pushed across by default. If you don't want to sell your Non-Refundable Rate on Staylists, please untick the Available on Staylists box when setting up the rate type. 

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